Pancake Day is approaching so what better time to treat yourself to the perfect non-stick frying pan to get flipping. We think our frying pans are so versatile, that a number of them have a warranty of 25 years! Save 20% across all frying pans using the code PANCAKE20.

Pancake Day

Whether you like traditional crepes or fluffy buttermilk American style pancakes, Pancake Day is approaching for you to enjoy plenty of your favourite sweet or savoury fillings. From honey or lemon topped with fruit and yoghurt to decadent chocolate sauce finished with chopped nuts and chocolate chips, our range of frying pans will help you create perfect pancakes so you can practice your flipping skills without the nightmare of them.

Save the date – 1st March is the day to whip up your delicious pancakes. Need some inspiration? Check out our blog to help you create the perfect pancakes every time or to mix up your filling options if you’re stuck in a rut.