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Create Perfect Pancakes Every Time With Smartstart Frying Pans

9 Feb 2023

‘Take the guesswork out of cooking with perfect results every time.’ 


Pancake Day: a new delicious and healthy take on a classic

Pancake Day is on the horizon once again and, as one of the leading trends each year, it is little surprise to see new creative recipes take the social media world by storm.  

One of the biggest trends this year is a healthy twist on a childhood classic. Introducing protein pancakes. Fully adaptable with sweet and savoury options, they have quickly become a mealtime staple.  

What are protein pancakes?

Often used as a breakfast replacement, protein pancakes are a healthier option designed to keep people full until lunch time. Many recipes are low calorie alternatives, with servings of two pancakes containing an average of 250 calories and 30 grams of protein. Great as a post work-out meal, they are packed full of nutrients to keep you full but comfortable.  

Protein pancakes have started to become popular with many influencers. TikTok stars are reaching at least 502,000 views and one even reaching 2.1 million views for their unique recipe.  

With thousands of recipes online, it just shows how protein pancakes can be adapted to suit personal preferences. So, whether chopped fruit is added similar to a breakfast platter, or they are converted into decadent mini stuffed Nutella pancakes, the possibilities are endless. 


Tower SmartStart pans: Pancake Day essentials

To make these protein pancakes, you’ll need the right tools for the job. The Tower SmartStart pans are perfect for producing high quality, delicious pancakes without effort or fuss. 


They feature a SmartStart tick temperature sensor that has been expertly designed for effortless cooking. The centre of the pan changes to dark red once the optimum temperature has been reached, ensuring no hotspots and perfect cooking every time.  


Each pan has an Aeroglide non-stick coating which aids superior food release and simple cleaning, so pancakes won’t end up stuck to the pan afterwards. The coating is up to 15x stronger than standard non-stick coatings, ensuring longevity and high resistance to wear and tear.  

Choose from a variety of ranges such as Classic, Forged, Gourmet and Ultra-Forged.


Get yourself equipped for Pancake Day and purchase the SmartStart pans. Unlock a simpler world of cooking.

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