Tower Housewares is offering Slimming World Magazine readers the opportunity to buy the Xpress Pro Combo 10-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven, model T17076, at the special price of £99.99 To take advantage of this amazing offer, use Promocode SW21

Shaking things up in the kitchen is always a good way to keep your slimming motivation high. And if you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to add some new Food Optimising meals into your repertoire, the Tower Xpress Pro Combo 10-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven could provide you with bags of inspiration.

This versatile appliance boasts 10 different cooking methods, including baking, roasting and grilling. And as little to no oil is required, you’ll save on Syns compared to traditional frying – all while keeping the same delicious tastes. From juicy lean steaks and colourful veggie kebabs to serving up golden roasties and crisp Slimming World chips, the 10-in-1 Air Fryer is a great way to rustle up all your Free and low Syn favourites, with just the touch of a button.

The Combo Digital Air Fryer

As well as the preset cooking programmes, a 60-minute timer and digital touchscreen, its 11-litre capacity makes it easy to cater for the whole family. The clever rotisserie function allows you to roast a whole chicken in just an hour (simply remove the skin before eating to keep it Free). And there’s even a kebab wheel that holds up to 10 skewers at a time.

Tower is the only brand of air fryer to use Vortx technology to cook your food evenly and up to 30 per cent quicker than conventional ovens – ideal when you’re hungry and in a hurry. And as the Xpress Pro Combo 10-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven is available to Slimming World Magazine readers at a great discount, it’s the ideal time to give this smart gadget a go. You’ll gain a new kitchen companion to help you create all sorts of tasty on-plan meals.