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Safety Notices

 Product Safety Notice - 12th July 2019



Product Safety Recall: Re T17004 Tower 8L Digital Multi-Cooker PO185990.


Dear Valued Tower Customer,


As part of our ongoing quality monitoring program, we’ve identified an issue with a small number of our T17004, Tower 8L Digital Multi-cooker.

To ascertain whether your model is from the affected batch you will need to check the batch code located on the rating plate of the item. The rating plate can be found on the base of the multi-cooker [Fig1]. The affected batch number is PO185990 on the model T17004 [Fig2].

Safety Notice T17004

If you have an affected product, we ask that you immediately cease use of the item, please do not leave the product plugged in to the mains even if switched off. There is a risk of the product independently activating leading to overheating, and creating a fire risk, as a result we are recalling the affected batch and offering a free of charge safety modification.


Our service partner will collect, modify and return your unit back to you within 7 days. Please contact our service agent on 01384 77759 who will make arrangements accordingly. Alternatively, should you wish to receive a refund, please contact the original place of purchase.



We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.