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Free Bin Liner Offer with every bin bought. Make sure you add the bin liner to the basket and we will do the rest!

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Free Bin Liner Offer with every bin bought. Make sure you add the bin liner to the basket and we will do the rest!


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Reduce you own Carbon Footprint



As a nation, we have become more eco-conscious than ever and are now finally taking action on reducing air pollution, energy use and garbage disposal for a cleaner, healthier place to live. The UK is the 15th most eco-conscious country, falling behind on its air pollution and garbage disposal, according to new research conducted by comparethemarket.com. We can all contribute to the effort of reducing waste so here at Tower, we have collated some fantastic ideas to help you make changes towards sustainable living. Separated into six categories – Recycle, Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, Rethink and Repurpose – we hope you find simple ways to reduce your waste.


RETHINK about the products you are buying: Being mindful of the products you are purchasing can benefit you and the environment. By spending a little more money on energy saving products with an extended guarantee will reduce your energy bill, while reducing energy consumption and providing long lasting use. 

RETHINK the way you cook: Don’t be a meal deal dummy, take on meal prepping and batch cooking to not only save you money, but reduce the use of single use plastic. Utilising large litre slow cookers, soup and bread makers minimising energy consumption and water for washing up. Did you know: batch cooking at freezing for later helps to keep your freezer full, which cuts down on the energy needed to run your freezer!

RETHINK about the way you clean: Everyone loves the fresh smell of a clean home, but harsh cleaning chemicals have a detrimental effect on our seas and oceans. Investing in items such as steam cleaners provide effective cleans and kills bacteria.

RETHINK the way you shop: Say no to using single use plastic bags and containers when doing your food shops. Easily collect your shopping using canisters and jars, while saving you cash by preventing the need to purchase 10p bags.




REFUSE single use plastic: On average, around 5 TRILLION plastic bags and 500 billion plastic cups are produced worldwide every year and, plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to disintegrate. Replacing shopping bags with reusable containers and using reusable cups will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste.

REFUSE unreliable products & guarantees: Tower reduces the need for repairs and replacements with quality you can trust. Our Barbary & Oak Cast Iron Cookware comes with an extended guarantee of up to 25 years; its built to last you and your family in the long term

REFUSE mixing waste and recyclables: Making the simplest of changes can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to sustainability. Making the disposal of waste and recyclables effortless and responsible, Tower have ingeniously designed the Freedom Recycling Systems allowing you to separate your waste and plastics easily.

REFUSE inefficient appliances: Faulty or poor quality products can consume too much energy, meaning it affects your pocket as well as the ecosystem. Invest in top performing products that are far more energy efficient. Our 10-in-1 Air Fryer is the perfect choice, cooking food 30% faster than a conventional oven, while reducing the time spent cooking and power consumption for everyday tasks.




REDUCE the demand of gas/energy heating: Now that energy prices have soared, with households witnessing an average 54% increase on their bill. Using portable heaters allows you to warm up rooms you are actually using in your home.

REDUCE your food waste: There is a variety of ways that you can save on food waste. Use leftover peels, stems and off-cuts of fruit and vegetables in blenders, creating delicious soups and smoothies. After using an air fryer or bread maker to make bread, create croutons out of the unwanted extra bread.

REDUCE your product waste: Have you re-designed your kitchen and bought brand new appliances and thinking about slinging the old? If they are in perfect working condition, donate them to a charity or even sell them.

REDUCE energy usage: Prevent excessive energy use and avoid leaving your appliances switched on or standby when not in use. You can also ensure you utilise the one cup symbol on kettles that reduces the amount of electricity needed to boil water.




Instead of throwing away any appliances or products you no longer use, find a new purpose for them in your home!

REUSE old chopping boards as a tablet holder or cookbook stand when creating your favourite meals. You can even design your very own hand-painted cutting board to hang in your kitchen.

REUSE any old cutlery as garden markers. The green-fingered fanatics will love stencilling labels for their home-grown veggies, bringing an imaginative twist to any gardening enthusiast growing patch.

REUSE your old laundry basket as recycling containers, keeping your home clutter-free of recycling. Keep them in your kitchen, garden or garage and easily dispose of your plastic, paper and other recyclable materials.

REUSE your old cookware! Yes, you can use your old pots and pans as a clever storage unit in your garage. Perfect for nails, screws and batteries, you can stack them on top of each other for tidy DIY storage. Not only that, you can reuse your dated pans for camping trips as it will not matter if dented or burnt.




Now that you’ve sifted through your products and decided what can be reused, whatever is left, if able, can be recycled.

RECYCLE any Tower packaging. We take pride in our sustainability efforts and would appreciate if you would recycle our products packaging.

RECYCLE any old but functioning products by either taking them to a specific recyclable centre or consider selling/donating your products to others. If you’re thinking of replacing an appliance, attempt to repair it before replacing it with a new one.

You can even create your own recycling area in the home. Whether its the garden or garage, having your own recycling station will make it far quicker and easier.




Not only can you reuse and recycle your old appliances, you can repurpose them into handy storage compartments.

Repurpose storage canisters as quirky jars for cupboard food such as rice, pasta, beans and nuts. Why not fill them up with your favourite herbs and spices and place in the windowsill for your own, personalised seasoning shelf.

Repurpose your old dishrack, perfect for storing your pan lids in a neat and tidy fashion, Mug trees are also fantastic jewellery hangers, displaying them beautifully in your bedroom.

Repurpose baking trays as an ideal place to dry wet or muddy shoes, as well as bleeding your radiators and cleaning the washer machine.

Repurpose your household bin as a compost bin in your garden. Whilst creating your own compost from leftover food, you can store it in your very own compost bin.