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How Can An Air Fryer Help Me To Save Energy?

How Can An Air Fryer Help Me To Save Energy?


How Can An Air Fryer Help Me To Save Energy?

 As energy prices soar and the cost of living crisis continues to bite, it is more important than ever to think about energy saving. 

When it comes to cooking, did you know that your electric oven is one of the highest users of energy in your entire home? Some electric ovens require as much as 5kw of power to operate, which could see £2.60 disappear from your bank every hour. 

There is something that can be done though and who knows, it might already be sitting on your kitchen worktop. Have you ever considered using an air fryer oven instead of your conventional electric oven? If the answer is no, now is your opportunity to start!

Save Energy with Tower Housewares


Whilst it might seem like a big jump, air fryer ovens aren’t that different to conventional ovens. However, because they are smaller, food is cooked much faster resulting in less energy being used but more importantly, less money. 

Our research shows that Air Fryer ovens use roughly 50% less energy than cooking in a conventional equating to a potential saving of up to £210 on energy each year. The average air fryer only uses 14p per use compared to 87p per use for a conventional oven. 

Sales of air fryers have gone through the roof as people want to spend less time cooking and more with their families. More importantly, regular usage has been proven to help with energy bills so why not join a growing trend?


This is where we come in. Tower are the leading Air Fryer brand in the UK, with more than 2 million fryers sold nationwide alone. At Tower we make sure all of our basket Air Fryers come with our patented Vortx Technology. This means that our Air Fryers cook healthier and quicker than other brands, up to 30% faster in fact. It is this technology that can help you to reduce your energy outgoings. All of our air fryers come with a heating component and a fan to help evenly distribute hot air to cook meals thoroughly. Whether you are using a single basket, dual basket or even a mini oven, all of your meals come out thoroughly cooked for a lower cost. There are a number of air fryer recipes  to help you get the most out of your air fryer so it’s not just the same 

Don’t just take our word for it, why not try for yourself. One of our best-selling basket Air Fryers with Vortx Technology is the Vortx Vizion 7L Digital Air Fryer which also has a slightly larger capacity than other baskets at 6.5ltr. This allows you to cook slightly larger meals and is ideal for reheating batch cooked meals. Suitable for smaller households, you can have your dinner ready in an instant, reducing energy usage by spending less time in the kitchen. 

Dual basket
Xpress Pro Combo 2000W 11 Litre 10-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven
Air Fryer Accessory Baking Set

Dual basket variants go that tiny bit further, making it possible to cook multiple food types in one go. The innovative T17088 Vortx 9 Litre Dual Basket Air Fryer embodies our energy saving ideals, with two 4.5L drawers helping to shorten cooking times thus reducing the energy outlay. A smart finish function also helps to ensure everything is ready together, minimising any waiting around so you only have to use your air fryer for one meal. 

Finally we get onto mini-ovens. Adaptable for both small and larger households, they help to make cooking considerably easier. All of our mini-ovens now come with a rotisserie function and T17076 perfectly illustrates all the key benefits. They are capable of cooking a rotisserie chicken in an hour, whilst three tier shelving makes it possible to cook your whole meal in one go. This could free you up to take on other tasks whilst your food is cooking, whilst less time cooking means less energy being used. As a result, you will soon start to see the savings trickle in.  


This might not solve all your energy issues but it’s certainly a start. Check out the full range of Air Fryers here. If you are interested in further information about Tower Air Fryers, why not follow us on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok or to talk with fellow Tower Air Fryer owners why not join the Tower Air Frying Group on Facebook.



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