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Five Amazing Things To Cook In Your Air Fryer

Five Amazing Things To Cook In Your Air Fryer

8 Mar 2023

Are you looking to save money and cook delicious meals at the same time? Sounds like you need an air fryer. They are fast becoming the must have kitchen appliance, with their versatility becoming a key highlight.
Capable of cooking beautifully crisp textures within minutes, you will be amazed by what your air fryer can do. It can be a daunting prospect with so much variety available but whether it is chicken, meat or something as simple as chips, you will never run out of options. 


Before you even start cooking, it’s best to understand how your air fryer works. Here at Tower we use trademarked Vortx technology to cook food. All air fryers have a heating component and a fan to help circulate hot air around the chamber. Using a perforated plate within the chamber, air can reach every inch of the food, ensuring an even cook and crisp finish. Our air fryers cook food 30% faster, so there is less waiting around but you lose none of the flavour. With only one tablespoon of oil required, your meal will have 99% less fat but will still taste amazing. 
So now you know how the technology works, check out some of these air fryer recipes.




A staple of any kitchen, you can’t go wrong cooking chicken in your air fryer. Add a little bit of oil if you want delightfully crispy skin and your air fryer will do the rest. Battered chicken will retain a crisp texture with succulent meat inside, whilst air fryer chicken wings and even breasts come out tasting delicious. Season to your own tastes or add a marinade and be amazed by the results. It will take between 10-12 minutes to air fry chicken breast, flipping halfway through for even cooking, so you will have a tasty meal in no time. Just add ¼ tablespoon of oil to each chicken breast for beautifully crispy skin. 



It can be tiring after a long day working and having to slave away on the hot stove, thinking how to cook the perfect steak. Thankfully your air fryer takes all the work out of it. Just rub your steak with a little bit of oil, salt and pepper to get a perfect sear and bring out the flavour. Then pop in the fryer and you will have a delicious steak in no time. Just remember to turn it part way through for an even cook. For medium rare, cook for 3 to 4 minutes on each side at 200C, 4-5 minutes for medium or 5-6 minutes for well done. Add chips and your chosen vegetables and enjoy. Now you know how to air fry a steak. 



Chips, glorious chips. This tends to be the key thing most air fryers are used for and for good reason. You can cook them from frozen and they will be crispy with a little bit of oil. This means you can have delicious healthy chips in a pinch, without losing any of the flavour. You could even make them fresh, chopping your own wedges or chips to embrace your inner cook. Maybe the innovative T17088 Vortx 9 Litre Dual Basket Air Fryer would be ideal for you here, as the dual basket capacity lets you cook large batches at once, with two separate drawers for individual cooking. The dual baskets let you cook crispy chips and meat simultaneously, while a smart function allows you to ensure everything is ready together. 



Its not just meat that you can cook in your air fryer. Bring a bit of excitement to mealtimes with fried vegetables from your air fryer. Brussel sprouts and carrots get a new lease of life with the extra crispness, so even leftover vegetables can be blended for delicious bubble and squeak. Couple it with our aero crisper accessory to ensure all vegetable are perfectly cooked. You can even air fry roast potatoes, so your Sunday dinner is already catered for. There are so many different options available so add a bit of spice, blend them all together or just slice your vegetables into bite size chunks. Use air fryer vegetables as a fun way to get children to eat their greens, letting them join in with the preparation and choosing what they like. 



Now this might seem a little bit left field but many air fryers come with multi-functionality. Capable of defrosting, roasting and of course frying, you would think there is only so much one machine can do. That is not the case however as some air fryers are even capable of baking cakes or doughnuts. For cakes, all you need to do is create the mix as you normally would in a conventional oven, pour into a silicon tray, pop into the fryer and the fryer does the rest. Just set your timer for 20 minutes and you will have a delicious cake in no time.  The T17076 is ideal for this as the 10-in-1 functions even include baking, so you can set up your air fryer to get the perfect bake. There are so many different options available with chocolate cake, lemon drizzle and even banana bread within touching distance. 


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