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Britain Has Gone Air Fryer Mad According To Denise Van Outen

Britain Has Gone Air Fryer Mad According To Denise Van Outen

27 Jun 2023

The air fryer has definitely taken the UK by storm, with one in three people owning one in the biggest kitchen revolution since the microwave. Versatile and compact, they have fast become the appliance of choice with thousands of families making the switch, with Tower being one of the UK’s go to suppliers.

But don’t just take our word for it. Fronted by Denise van Outen, Channel 4 show “Air Fryers: Are they Worth it” investigated exactly why so many people have opted to make the switch, looking at the health, financial and time benefits. By comparing the Tower T17100 Dual Basket Vizion Air Fryer with similar appliances, it was clear to see that air fryers have earned their place as a staple of the modern kitchen. 


The Tower Dual Basket Vizion Air Fryer was used on the show

Denise van Outen declared that ‘Britain has gone air fryer wild’ and took part in a 30 day trial of an air fryer diet, attempting to recreate a takeaway curry and examining a number of recipes to test the versatility and cooking capabilities of a number of air fryers.

A key benefit highlighted by the show was how easy it is to feed an entire family in no time. One family cooked a full roast dinner in an hour using their air fryer, almost half the time it took to cook in a conventional oven using identical ingredients. With this in mind, it is clear that you can save time and money by switching to air frying. So not only do you eat healthier, you save money as well! Winner Winner Half the Time Chicken Dinner!

Denise Van Outen also highlighted the difference in calories when air fryer cooked food was compared with oven cooked food. Using baked aubergine as an example, the end result showed the air fryer variant was 65% healthier than their oven counterparts, whilst chips were 22% healthier when compared to deep fat fried chips. This is mainly due to less oil being required for thorough cooking and air being able to circulate, allowing it to reach every inch of the food for more even cooking.  


Image credit:Ricochet

The T17100 Dual Basket Air Fryer is powered by Vortx technology, using rapid air circulation technology to ensure crisp textures with little to no oil required, losing all the fat but none of the flavour. The T17100 also reinforces the idea of versatility and simple cooking as the dual baskets made it possible to cook different food types at once, with a smart finish function to ensure that food is ready at the same time, so no more juggling cooking times. 10 pre-set mealtime classics also take the guesswork out of cooking, with a choice of fries, toast, steak, chicken & wings, kebab, Fish, cake & vegetables offering great versatility in the kitchen. The viewing windows let you monitor cooking progress without opening the drawer!

The conclusion is that the air fryer is here to stay as the health and financial benefits ensure the humble air fryer will always have a home in kitchens across Britain. With one fifth of the population saying they are likely to invest in their own air fryer within the next 12 months, the Air Fryer revolution is likely to continue. 

The T17100 Dual Basket Air Fryer is available now at the Tower Housewares website so order now and join the Air Fryer revolution. There are a wide variety of air fryers available so it is has never been simpler to find the perfect one for you.