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Become A BBQ Pro This Summer With Tower’s Outdoor Living Gadgets

Become A BBQ Pro This Summer With Tower’s Outdoor Living Gadgets



Get ready for the summer with Tower’s Outdoor Living BBQ gadgets


Impress your friends and family with your BBQ cooking skills 


Nights are getting longer. Days are gradually becoming warmer. That can only mean one thing. Summer isn’t far away. 

With summer inevitably comes thoughts of evenings in the garden with friends, beer gardens and inevitably, barbecues. Why not get ready for the BBQ season and become the host with the most with a number of exclusive BBQ gadgets from Tower?

There is nothing worse than not being able to get the BBQ started and Tower have just the device for that. The Charcoal Starter pan holds enough charcoal for you to fill your barbecue, with the potential to have a roaring fire within 10 minutes. No lighter fuel is required so it is kinder to the environment, whilst a stay cool handle will protect you from burns. 

Now that the BBQ is lit, it is time to think about what you can cook on there. Traditionally sausages and burgers will be the first choice. Maybe chicken drumsticks, vegetable kebabs and even fish can be cooked on a barbecue. There are so many choices and thankfully there are thousands of options online on Pinterest and Tiktok for creating the best homemade BBQ meals. 

Homemade burgers have become especially popular, with some TikTok videos receiving more than a million views. Tutorials on creating your own version of some of the best known branded burgers have seen viewing figures of at least 3.9million, whilst bespoke recipes will still see upwards of 750k views. 

Create delicious homemade burgers using Tower’s Double Burger Press

Tower have the perfect gadget to help with creating perfect homemade burgers. The Double Burger Press has two 4.5 inch burger moulds for shaping patties, whether they are fish, veggie or cooked meat burgers. When you are ready just pop the press on the BBQ and the ribbed surface will ensure consistent heat distribution to ensure thoroughly cooked burgers with no heat spots, whilst the stay cool handle lets you cook comfortably without burning either yourself of your burgers. It does all the hard work so you can enjoy more time with friends and family.

It doesn’t stop there though. Tower have a number of other gadgets designed to make life easier for any aspiring cook on a barbecue. The 6 piece Stainless Steel skewer set provides the freedom to create a range of meat or vegetarian skewers, accompanied by a stand so you can leave your skewers to rest before serving them. They don’t even take up much space when not in use, as they are fully collapsible and can be stored away comfortably. 

With so many gadgets available now is the time to act. Just visit the Tower website to purchase any of these items directly and get a head start this barbecue season. 



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