You Spin Me Right Round: Getting To Grips with The Tower Vertical Rotisserie Grill

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You Spin Me Right Round: Getting To Grips with The Tower Vertical Rotisserie Grill

Judging by the change in the weather of late, we can safely say that winter is well and truly on its way. Whilst that means an end to pleasant evenings and weekends spent dining alfresco, it also heralds a shift to heartier, comforting foods to be prepared and enjoyed in the warmth of the place you call home. Thanks to the versatility of one Tower product in particular, you can have the best of both worlds – introducing the Tower Vertical Rotisserie Grill… This handy appliance has been developed with spectacular summer dining and homely roasting in mind and is equally at home tackling kebabs and prawn skewers when the sun is shining, and slow roasting lamb, beef and pork for an alternative take on traditional Sunday roast preparation. Featuring 1500W of cooking power, the vertical grill can take on all varieties of meat and veg but comes into its own when being used to cook hefty cuts such as shanks, shoulders and joints. The central prong is robust enough to support a huge 2.5kg of meat and thanks to the 360° cooking motion, you can rest assured that whatever you put in it will be evenly cooked to perfection.

Baste while you cook

A slidable glass door and drains away unwanted fat into a drip tray – not only does this result in healthier cooking, it also gives your meat that succulent, juicy quality as gravity draws the juices toward the base of the appliance, effectively basting the meat as it cooks. The drip pan – that’s the bit that sits at the bottom of the spit in the cooking chamber – isn’t just there to collect excess fat either. You can add wine, beer, fruit juice (pineapple is recommended if you’re cooking ham or gammon) and this will gently infuse during the cooking process, resulting in succulent, slow-roasted flavoursome meat. Whilst slow-roasting large cuts of meat is this appliance's main function, its versatility make it an attractive proposition to cooks of all levels. Not only can this handy, kitchen-top appliance take on the big guns of lamb shanks, brisket, topside, and even whole chickens, the bundled end forks and skewer accessories make it possible to cook pretty much anything from steak kebabs to marshmallows.

Ease of use

To use the skewer add-ins, simply load the kebab skewers with whatever you want to cook, insert the pointed end into the corresponding lower plate hole, insert the hook of the skewer into its corresponding top slot and then twist the skewer anti-clockwise to secure. Next, shut the sliding glass door and start the timer to begin cooking. Meanwhile, you can follow our guide on How To Cook Rice To Perfection and prepare the perfect accompaniment to steak or chicken kebabs. Perhaps the best thing about the Tower Vertical Rotating Rotisserie Grill is the ease of use it offers. There are no complicated displays or digital control panels to contend with – you simply twist the timer dial to your desire cooking time and away you go. For kebab skewers (meat/chicken/fish) we recommend around 20 minutes cook time, for substantial cuts of meat such as legs of lamb around 2/3 hours should do it but always consult the recipe you’re following to be sure. If you’re suitably impressed by this quite frankly awesome kitchen gadget then you’ll be pleased to learn that we currently have a fantastic discount running on this product. Head over to the Tower Vertical Rotating Rotisserie page now and you can snap up this wondrous appliance for just £89.99 (saving a whopping £40 off the RRP).
2 October 2015
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