UK Coffee Week: 5 of the Nation’s Favourite Coffees

UK Coffee Week: 5 of the Nation’s Favourite Coffees
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UK Coffee Week: 5 of the Nation’s Favourite Coffees

It’s UK Coffee Week, a time where we get to appreciate the beautiful beaned beverage that kick starts the morning for millions around the world. There are so many types of drinks to choose from, each with a unique taste and quality that cater to a variety of taste buds. Need the strong stuff to get you ready for work in the morning? Want to relax on a Sunday morning? Coffee’s got you covered. So, get your coffee machine heated up and ready as we take you through a brief list of some of the UK’s most popular drinks, according to a survey from last year.

1. Latte

The most popular among Brits, the latte, a shortened name of the Italian ‘caffe latte’ meaning ‘milk coffee’, has more steamed milk with less strength than a cappuccino. There are a wide range of delicious syrups that give it an extra level of enjoyment, which includes vanilla, caramel, toffee nut, hazelnut and cinnamon. There are also a great variety of instant lattes that just require a kettle to make.

2. Cappuccino

A cappuccino is similar to a latte but has a smaller amount of steamed milk, with the espresso being the more prominent ingredient. This drink has 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 wet foamed milk. There are a number of variations, which involve using cream as a substitute for milk and flavouring using either cinnamon or chocolate powder.

3. Flat White

The flat white contains less froth and milk than a latte, and the milk doesn’t get diluted with foam, therefore resulting in a stronger drink. In order to deliver the same amount of coffee, it uses a smaller serving.

4. Americano – Black

The Americano is prepared by diluting an espresso with hot water, giving it a similar strength to the more traditionally brewed coffee. Its strength is dependent on how many shots of espresso are used and the amount of water added.

5. Mocha

Commonly known as a mochaccino, the caffe mocha is a chocolate flavoured coffee, which is a variation on the latte. Its name comes from the city of Mocha, Yemen - once a mainstay during the days of the early coffee trade. For more great content, be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.
3 May 2019
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