Think fast food…. Think Pressure Cooking!

When fast food is mentioned people immediately think of burgers, cold chips and a distinct lack of your ‘5 a day’, but Tower Pressure Cookers are set to revolutionise ‘fast food’ forever. From pot to plate in a flash, Tower pressure cookers lock in all the health benefits of your fresh vegetables, whilst maintaining the juiciness of your chicken and retaining the fluffiness of your rice – the pressure cooking revolution is here, the pressure cooking revolution is NOW.

Cold weather and dark winter nights see many of us rushing home to our kitchens stark-raving hungry, craving a hearty meal to warm our bellies. But with limited time and family commitments, the imagination can often run a little dry when creating nutritious meals for everyone to enjoy, especially when cooking an entire meal in an evening feels like the last thing you have the energy to do!

Introducing the Tower Pressure Cooker

If you want a tasty family meal served in double-quick time, packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals, your Tower Pressure Cooker is the one stop pot to solve all your culinary problems. This multi-purpose vessel has made a triumphant return to kitchens everywhere. Today’s breed of newly-designed Tower pressure cookers ticks all the boxes in terms of cooking performance, design and safety. Gone are the days of bulky, heavy pressure cookers and in their place we have the sleek, sophisticated, lightweight models in the Tower cookware range.

Tower pressure cookers cook your meals in about a third of the time of traditional methods, preserving up to 95 per cent of the vitamins and minerals in your food. Not only do they boast incredible health benefits when cooking your fresh and delicious meals, but Tower pressure cookers also use almost 90 per cent less fuel on your hob; saving you not only time, but also money on energy bills!

How food is cooked matters. It doesn’t make sense to buy quality vegetables and meat only to lose a proportion of its nutritional value through cooking. Pressure cooking helps retain the quality of the foods you cook, heating them at super-fast speeds by using the power of steam.  Your vegetables remain beautifully vibrant in colour and taste, whilst also retaining their delicious textures. Simply chop your carrots, season your potatoes and stuff your chicken, then let your Tower pressure cooker work its magic.

Your Tower pressure cooker isn’t just perfect for making big one pot meals; it can be used for a variety of cooking methods. Boasting a versatile range of ways to cook your food – you can sizzle, boil, stew and simmer your meals to perfection every time. Whether you’re making rice, braising meat, roasting chicken or poaching fish, you’re guaranteed to serve up a fantastic feast of food every time with minimal effort or waiting time

Our recent Twitter competition has further demonstrated the popularity of this kitchen classic to the modern cook, by receiving a phenomenal number of entries from Twitter followers, all eager to make their own pressure cooked meals at home. Whether you’re in the mood for a hot pot in a hurry or need to rush a roast, with their lightweight and ultra-modern design, Tower pressure cookers are an essential part of your at home cookware collection.

Tower stocks a range of pressure cookers, with over 12 models to choose from. Sturdy robust stainless steel, lightweight alluring aluminium, or even the ease of an Tower electronic pressure cooker, these quality materials are available in a variety of sizes from 4 to 7 litres. Since 1912 the Tower brand have been renowned for its innovative approach to kitchenware, leading the way in pressure cooking with its signature high dome design. Maintaining their reputation based on unique models which are still available in the new designs, Tower are a household brand you can rely on for all your kitchen needs.

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite head to the Tower site and browse the fantastic range of products to start your Tower kitchen collection today.

Happy Pressure Cooking!