Tower Healthy Quick Dish: Macaroni Cheese

Tower Healthy Quick Dish: Macaroni Cheese
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Tower Healthy Quick Dish: Macaroni Cheese

This week we’ve been scouring the recipe archives here at Tower HQ to bring you a brand new recipe as part of our Tower Healthy Quick Dish Series. Over the next few months we’ll be sharing healthy, nutritious recipes that you can throw together in a matter of minutes, giving you plenty of mealtime inspiration for the whole family. Whether it’s a healthy swap for an old favourite, or a fresh new meal idea to spice up your dinner time, we’ve got you covered. This week, we’re bringing you a lighter version of  a classic family favourite that’s a winner with kids and adults alike – Macaroni Cheese. Recommended Appliance: Tower 25.5cm Cast Iron Au Gratin Total Time to Table: 40 minutes Total Cost per Serving:  £0.97p Contains Nuts? No Suitable for Vegetarians? Yes Serves: 4


  • 700ml semi-skimmed milk
  • 25g cornflour
  • 1 heaped tsp English mustard powder
  • 1 large garlic clove ( finely chopped)
  • Pinch crushed dried chillies
  • 140g extra mature cheddar (grated)
  • 25g Parmesan (finely grated)
  • 25g fresh breadcrumbs
  • 1 bunch spring onions (ends trimmed)
  • 200g macaroni
 Mac'n'Cheese Ingredients


  • In a small bowl, mix 3 tbsp of milk with the cornflour and mustard, set aside. In a saucepan like the 20cm saucepan from the Tower 3 Piece Forged Pan Set, heat the rest of the milk with the garlic until it just comes to the boil. Remove the pan from the heat, add the crushed chillies and set aside to infuse.
  • Mix a handful of the grated cheddar into the breadcrumbs with a pinch of ground black pepper and preheat your oven to 190C/fan 170C/gas 5.
  • Bring a large pan of water up to the boil and then cook for around 6 mins, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking. Add the spring onions and cook for another 2 mins. Drain and set aside.
  • To make the sauce, stir the cornflour mix into the warm milk. Return the pan to the heat, then bring to the boil, stirring until the sauce is smooth and has thickened. Remove from the heat and stir in the parmesan, most of the remaining cheddar and some pepper to taste.
  • Add the drained macaroni into the sauce and stir until fully combined. Pour the mixture into an ovenproof dish- the Tower 25.5cm Cast Iron Au Gratin would be perfect. Sprinkle over the cheesy breadcrumbs, the remaining cheese and some black pepper.
  • Bake in the oven for about 15 mins until starting to bubble around the edges. For an extra crispy top, grill for a further 5 minutes or until golden brown.

    To Serve

    Spoon into bowls and enjoy!
Stay tuned to the Tower blog every Wednesday for more Tower Healthy Quick Dishes. If this recipe has had you reaching for your apron then be sure to take a look at our product pages before you do – we’ve a range of products at fantastic prices to help you create this dish and many more!    
30 March 2016
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