Christmas with the family often means presents, cheese and biscuits, and lots of lovingly home-cooked food consumed in front of a roaring fire. It’s a similar situation for us here at Tower HQ but we know as well as anyone that none of that can happen without meticulous planning.

Luckily, we’ve done some of the hard work for you when it comes to Christmas. Whether you’re looking to cook the perfect Christmas Dinner, find the ideal gift for the culinary inclined, or are planning ahead for your post-Christmas detox – there’s something in the Tower Christmas Gift Guide for you…

Gifts for Mum

A lot of work goes into Christmas dinner and more often than not, it’s mum who does the majority of the food preparation (dads and husbands, if you’re reading – it’s not enough just to do the gravy!). If your cooking skills leave a lot to be desired however, and you feel your involvement in making the festive feast will do more harm than good can lend a helping hand in other ways, namely by giving the Tower 6L Pressure Cooker as a gift to whoever it is tasked with putting on a feast.


Perfect for efficiently preparing those tasty, nutritious vegetables that complement your Christmas roast, it not only locks in flavor and vitamins but is also easy to clean afterwards. Team it up with the Tower Roaster and Rack (that comes with a free 3 piece carving kit and case) and the Tower Air Wave Low Fat Air Fryer which is a healthy and speedy way of cooking party foods such as tempura and onion rings, and you’ve got Christmas cooking sorted.

Gifts for Dad

We know that we’re perhaps reinforcing gender stereotypes here but in our general experience, it’s usually the man of the house that insists on carving the roast and overseeing the drinks. In the name of equality though, you can still buy the Tower 19 Piece Knife Block Set as a gift for your dad, husband or partner but commandeer it for your own ends once he’s had his moment in the spotlight.

Tower Ice Maker

Similarly, you could always do the same with the Tower Ice Maker – it’ll come in really handy when he wants to enjoy that vintage malt on the rocks over the holidays and is also perfect for keeping the bubbly on ice on New Year’s Eve. Come summer, you can just ‘borrow’ it when you fancy some refreshing cocktails.

Gifts for the Family

We guess that what you chose from our selection as family gifts depends entirely upon what your family is like, but we’ll do our best here to give you some ideas. We’ve all manner of stylish and functional homewares and appliances that will make useful additions to any kitchen. Perhaps you’ve a sibling who’s recently moved in to a new home? If that’s the case, you can never go wrong with a set of pans and our Cerasure range is brilliant for fuss-free, healthy cooking.


If there’s a health-conscious member of the family, or even just someone you know will be embarking upon an annual post-Christmas detox, the Tower VitaBlend is great for smoothies as well as blending, pulverizing and chopping veg and other ingredients when preparing healthy meals. Finally, everyone knows a clean freak and what so better present than a Tower 58L Sensor Bin? All that wrapping paper and other remnants of Christmas cheer will be tidied away in no time! 

Stocking Fillers

We’ll be honest with you – most of our small gifts aren’t exactly small and you’ll need a pretty big stocking to fit them in. That’s not to say that things such as the Tower Electric Salt & Pepper Mill, and stylish Tower Storage Canisters won’t make excellent gifts for the home. The same could be said of our stylish, stainless steel Bread Bin, but if you were to buy that as a gift for someone, it’d be rude not to get them the Tower Gluten Free Digital Bread Maker too so that they’ll have something to put in it!

Hopefully, our little run-down of houseware gift suggestions has given you some food for thought when it comes to homely gifts. Of course, you might want to hold off until the January sales to pick up a bargain (and without giving too much away, we’ll have some amazing deals when the time comes!) but if not, you can always buy direct from our site or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about discounts and new products.