Serves 4

Time to table 1 hour and 15 minutes

150g of dried chickpeas
2 limes
30ml of tahini paste
2 cloves garlic, peeled
60ml of olive oil plus extra for drizzling
60ml of chopped fresh coriander
Salt, and ground black pepper
Warm pitta bread and raw vegetables, to serve

Place the chickpeas in a bowl and cover with boiling water then Leave to soak for 1 hour.

Drain and discard the water. Place the chickpeas in the pressure cooker and add 1 litre of cold water.

Bring to the boil and remove any froth from the surface, then reduce the heat slightly.

Fit the lid and lock by aligning the handles. Align the hook of the pressure limiting valve with the alignment indicators.

Bring to pressure and cook for 25 minutes.

Release the steam naturally and then remove the pressure limiting valve. Press down the safety lock button and unlock the lid.  Drain the chickpeas, reserving 125ml of the cooking liquid. Leave the chickpeas to cool.

Place the reserved liquid, chickpeas, the grated rind of 1 lime and the juice from both limes, plus tahini paste, garlic and olive oil in a food processor and process until thick and smooth. Add a little more water if it’s too thick.

Add half of the coriander and pulse to mix the coriander into the hummus. Transfer to a serving dish, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with the remaining coriander.

Serve warm with pitta bread.