Top Tips for a Happy and Healthy Home

Top Tips for a Happy and Healthy Home
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Top Tips for a Happy and Healthy Home

Achieving a happy, healthy home life is sometimes quite hard work. However, just a few quick and easy steps can set you on the way to a more balanced and rewarding lifestyle in the place you call home. Here at Tower, we’ve put our heads together and drawn on our knowledge of how to make life a little easier to bring you our top tips for a less stressed day-to-day life, so read on… Clutter


Your home should be your own, idyllic retreat where you can take a break from the pressures of everyday life, kick back and relax and enjoy some well-deserved respite. Make an effort to minimise clutter and create ‘breathing space’ by ensuring that accumulated everyday items are regularly tidied away. The kitchen is the heart of every home and this is usually the spot where people deposit jackets, keys, letters and bills, newspapers and magazines – basically, all the items you class as ‘stuff’. Spending just a few minutes per day organising personal effects and will make your kitchen less claustrophobic and create a more relaxing, functional environment. Pets

Introduce a pet to the home

Studies have shown that owning a pet has social and emotional support benefits, as well as the obvious health advantages that come from staying active with your pet. Research from Miami University suggests that those who keep pets have greater self-esteem, are less anxious, less lonely, and more physically fit. Having a faithful friend in the home can be a calming influence and help with de-stressing. Dogs and cats are the most common of domestic pets and caring for them has reciprocal benefits as the love you give them is returned. This is true, to a lesser extent, for other animals such as rabbits, hamster and guinea pigs, but the tactile sensation of stroking can help with tension. In addition, caring for a family pet  can help with the creation of routine – a fundamental factor in mental wellbeing. If you're a cat of dog owner, take a look at our  National Pet Month: Healthy Eating for Pets feature to learn how to make nutritious homemade meals for them. Routine

Create a routine and stick with it

Most of us have special routines that comfort us and really your house feel like home. It might be anything from sitting in a favourite chair and reading the papers, right through to having a relaxing soak in the bath at a certain time. Whatever yours might be, make the effort to keep it up as routines are great for maintaining mental wellbeing. After doing certain things at certain times for a while, the mental processes required to make the behaviors happen occur automatically. This means that you save time and energy (and reduce the stress involved) with making a decision. Creating a framework of decisions you no longer have to make each day will ultimately make you more productive. Eat_Together

Make an effort to eat together

There’s nothing more wholesome and family orientated than eating a healthy, lovingly prepared homemade meal with our nearest and dearest. These days though, we often get sidetracked by the hectic pace of modern life and end up eating on the move, in the car, on public transport, at our desks or, if we do make it home in time for dinner, standing at the kitchen counter as we prepare someone else’s meal. Regardless of how busy you are, we at Tower believe you should always try and make time for a sit-down meal together, even if it’s only a couple of times per week. This will not only give you a chance to really talk with members of your household but can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially if you cook together. If you're looking for some meal inspiration, take a look at our Retro Recipe Revival series. Let_Light_In

Let the light in

A lot is written about ‘connecting with nature’ but for many, sleeping under the stars or trekking through mountain ranges is just viable. A much easier (and health promoting) way of getting closer to the living world is to let as much light into your environment as possible. A few simple steps such as keeping window panes clean, opening windows and doors when possible, and reducing artificial light sources where you can, will all help maintain vitamin D levels. Removing drapes and blinds completely has the dual benefits of exposing you and your family the sunlight that helps your body produce vitamin D (essential for healthy bones) and giving your home a clean, clean, contemporary look. For more tips and advice on healthy living, check out our Top Tips for Healthy Eating in 2015 feature or have a browse of our lifestyle category.
17 April 2015