Top Five Uni Cooking Hacks

Top Five Uni Cooking Hacks
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Top Five Uni Cooking Hacks

No matter if you’ve recently moved away to uni, or returned to campus for your second or third year, time and money saving tips always come in handy. When it comes to preparing meals in your student digs, the last things you want are loads of mess to clear up and a big hole in your bank balance – thanks to these handy student kitchen hacks though, you can avoid both!


Foil is your friend

Make doing the washing up a thing of the past by cooking and eating in tinfoil. No, we haven’t gone nuts – cooking in this way (just as you do when camping) is a great way to prepare all sorts of meals quickly and efficiently and saves on the washing up afterwards. There are all manner of meals that can be prepared in tinfoil and cooked in the oven, from quesadillas and steak and cheese ciabattas, right through to salmon and spicy chicken fillets. You can eat them straight out of the foil too, meaning you save on hot water and washing-up liquid as there are less things to clean afterwards. Chopping Board Drawer

Open up

Space is often at a premium in your average student kitchen, what with several people sharing and countless appliances cluttering up work surfaces (unless of course you were smart and bought yourself a Tower 5 Litre Digital Multi-Cooker!). If finding a suitable piece of kitchen worktop on which to prepare ingredients regularly presents a challenge then this little tip will prove invaluable – simply open up a drawer and place a large chopping board over the edges, et voila, instant extra surface! Uni-Hacks-Raw-Beefburgers-Rectangular

Burger me

Everyone loves a takeaway but subsisting on nothing but fast food is a sure-fire way to pile on the pounds and burn through your student loan. Instead of buying your burgers from burger joints, make your own patties with cheaper (and often better quality) mince from your local butcher. Just use your hands to form the meat into patties and then place on a baking tray in the oven for around 20 minutes at 180°C or shallow fry in olive oil for around 6 minutes. If you use a Tower Cerasure™ Frying Pan, there’ll be less post-meal cleaning up to do thanks to the rather brilliant non-stick coating. Uni-Hacks-Tortillas-Rectangular

When the chips are down

Finding that those massive bags of posh tortilla chips are on offer in your local convenience store is great. The massive reduction is enough to persuade you to stock up on them and you munch on a bag over the course of a couple of days. But what’s that? You’ve failed to seal the bag properly after your last foray inside and the remaining triangles of crunchy wonderment have gone a bit stale? Not a problem – just put them on a piece of kitchen roll in the microwave and zap on high power for 30 seconds to restore to their former glory. Mmmm…tortillas… Uni-Hacks-CD-Bagel-Rectangle

A case for the defence (of bagels)

A great way to save money when you’re away at uni is to take a packed lunch to lectures. That way, you’ll not feel the urge to splurge on eating out most days. One of the best and most portable snacks is the bagel – you can fill it with cream cheese and bacon for breakfast, pepperoni and mozzarella for lunch, or even a generous coating of jam as a dessert. The only downside to the bagel is that it can get squashed in your bag if they’re not adequately protected. Don’t weigh yourself down with bulky food storage containers, pack a bagel or two in an empty CD spindle case and you’ve got yourself a bespoke protective bagel case! We think you’ll agree that these ingenious hacks will save you plenty of valuable time and money, but if you want to conserve even more cash, use the discount code FRESHERS15 at the checkout to bag yourself discounts of up to 60%*. For more tips on cooking whilst at uni check out our Tool Up Your Student Kitchen and Meals That Will Win You Friends During Freshers Week features.
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2 October 2015
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