The Dad's Guide to Cooking for Mother's Day

The Dad's Guide to Cooking for Mother's Day
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The Dad's Guide to Cooking for Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day drawing ever closer, it’s nearly time for the annual Mothering Sunday rush, which see’s dads all over the nation heading into the kitchen, to treat the leading lady in their life to a day of sheer relaxation. Whether you’re rounding up the kids to make breakfast in bed, making a delicious lunchtime treat for the whole family or a full three course affair to celebrate your other half’s first year as a mum, it’s the perfect time to let mums all over the country put their feet up. When you’re juggling looking after the little ones with creating a culinary masterpiece, cooking for mum can turn into a stressful experience. To help this year go without a hitch, we’re here to share some top tips, tricks and handy kitchen gadgets to make cooking for Mother’s Day easier and simpler than ever with two of our favourite ideas to make that Mother's Day lunch extra special.

Afternoon Tea

The Tea-riffic Crowd Pleaser

In many households, Mother’s Day is a day when all of the mums of the family are brought together. From grandmas to aunties, sisters to cousins, it’s a day for mums of all ages to unite! So if you’re catering for a crowd, consider dusting off the best china to put together a Mother’s Day afternoon tea. Whipping up a range of petite treats like dainty finger sandwiches, miniature cakes and creative canapés lets you prepare in advance and takes the hassle out of hosting with everyone helping themselves. dad baking with kids Preparing an afternoon tea is a fantastic way to get kids involved with the cooking. Cupcakes are an easy, child friendly bake- let them measure out what they need, then throw everything into a stand mixer like the Tower 1200W Die Cast Stand Mixer. Not only will a stand mixer give you the perfect cake mix in minutes, but it will also keep little hands away from the whisking process, avoiding a cake splattered kitchen! A good quality muffin tin like the Tower 12 Cup Muffin Tin will ensure perfectly cooked cakes that mums will be proud of, ready for whatever creative decorations the kids have got in store! Finger Sandwiches Another way to add a special touch to your afternoon tea is to kick those ordinary sliced bread sarnies to the curb in favour of some lovingly homemade bread. It’s a lot easier than you think! With the Tower Gluten Free Digital Bread Maker you can bake fresh, delicious loaves in no time at all, to give your sandwiches that homemade touch that mums will love! When it comes to fabulous fillings, you can’t go wrong with winning flavour combinations like sundried tomatoes and mozzarella, salmon and cucumber or a good old fashioned BLT.

Family Chicken Roast

The Mum-day Roast

As Mother’s Day happens to fall on a Sunday, why not stick to age old British tradition and cook up a family roast. Cooking a full Sunday roast can be a daunting prospect but with a few little helpers on hand to help with peeling vegetables and setting the table, you’ll be serving up in no time. Roast Chicken The key to a brilliant roast is of course, the centerpiece. A roast chicken is a great starting point for a first timer and for that you need to start with a great roasting tin. The Tower Roaster and Rack keeps the meat elevated, allowing for even heat circulation and even cooking – ideal for ensuring a perfectly cooked result. Timings will vary based on the size of your bird, but a good rule of thumb is to allow 20 minutes cooking time per pound of meat plus 20 minutes extra. So, for example, if your chicken weighs 5lb cook for 2 hours. The chicken will be cooked when the juices run clear. If there’s any hint of pink, pop it back into the oven for another 10-15 minutes, then check again. Chicken Carving For an even simpler option, a multi-cooker like the Tower 8-in-1 Multi Cooker does all of the hard work for you. Simply place your chicken into the cooker and set the timer for perfectly cooked poultry without the fuss. Once the chicken is cooked and resting, you can simply switch functions to create crispy roast potatoes and steamed vegetables for a roast that will impress without the mess! So hopefully those tips and tricks have got you ready to cook up a storm this Mother’s Day, but if any dads out there have any tried and tested tips of their own, share them with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages or share your photos on our Instagram page. Stay tuned to the Tower blog over the next week as we’ll be sharing tips, recipes and meal inspiration for how to make this Mother’s Day marvelous.
22 February 2016
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