Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Spring Clean Your Kitchen
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Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Spring is definitely in the air and for many of you that signals the time to give your abode a bit of a clear-out. The very thought of manually scrubbing, wiping, polishing and de-cluttering might cause you to break out in a cold sweat but if you take the time to break each area down into individual jobs, blitzing through your spring cleaning isn’t really that much of a chore at all. Here at Tower, our area of expertise is undoubtedly all things kitchen, so with that in mind, we bring you our simple guide to Spring cleaning what is often the heart of the home…

Open_Fridge Freshen up your fridge

Your fridge often takes the brunt of your winter eating habits as you tend to store rich, hearty stews, Sunday roast leftovers, and even the remnants of hastily ordered takeaway, for later. This can result in the fridge absorbing unpleasant odours and making all that fresh summer produce you’ll soon be keeping in there, smell a bit iffy. There’s a simple way to combat the problem – just thoroughly defrost the fridge and then wipe the inside with a cloth soaked in a solution made up of one tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda in two pints of warm water. Hey Presto! One fresh-smelling fridge to see you through the summer. Tower_Kettle_Worktop

Dynamic descaling

Much like the long-suffering refrigerator, your kettle gets quite a workout over winter, as most people tend to turn to the tea and coffee during those cold frosty mornings. Endless brews mean that limescale can build up on a kettle’s interior, adding a slightly chalky tang to your hot beverages. There’s an easy solution to overcoming this problem though – just add half a cup of neat white vinegar to a kettle and leave to work its magic overnight. The vinegar is a weak acid and will get rid of limescale and mineral deposits without leaving any residue or a tangy taste. In addition, you could always invest in a Tower kettle with a washable filter to ensure water quality each time you use it. Tower_Worktop_Accessories

Worktop workout

Clear worktops not only make your kitchen much more inviting, they make it much more useable too. The first step in decluttering your surfaces is to take 5 minutes to make a list of what items you actually use with any degree of regularity. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start either storing away items you need to keep but rarely give a run-out to, or consigning things to the bin or charity shop. Get rid of tatty containers containing flour, coffee and sugar etc. and replace them with matching storage canisters that complement the bread-bin and other accessories. You can also freshen up your kitchen-top appliances such as your toaster, kettle, and microwave so that they’re all similarly styled. Check out our range of kitchen storage and accessories for some design ideas. Tower_Cerastone_Pans_Worktop

Prevent pan panic

Those who do a lot of home-cooking will be well aware of the perils of boil overs and burning on ingredients to your favourite pan. After a winter of fry-ups, stews, and chillies, your cookware might be dotted with burn marks (depending on how careful a cook you are). Don’t despair though – just drop a tablespoon of washing powder into the pan, fill up to the burn mark with warm water, and leave to stand for an hour. Then, wash in warm soapy water, rinse and the pan will be good as new. Of course, you can avoid having to do this altogether by investing in some Tower Cerasure or Tower Cerastone cookware, all of which offers supreme non-stick qualities and will help you avoid burning on food, no matter what it is you’re cooking. Hopefully that little lot will have given you food for thought when it comes to freshening up your kitchen as summer approaches. If you’d like to read more tips on achieving a healthy lifestyle or home, take a look at our Top Tips for a Happy and Healthy Home, and How To Spring Clean Your Diet features.
4 May 2015
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