Sage and Onion


Tower Air Fryer



12 chicken inner fillets

1 part, 170g packet sage and onion stuffing mix

150g chopped hazelnuts

2 eggs

150g plain flour

1 lemon

Low calorie cooking spray



Beat the eggs in a bowl with a sprinkle of water

Mix the stuffing mix and chopped hazelnuts in a bowl

Mix flour and eggs together with stuffing mix

Coat the chicken fillets in the combined mix

Lightly spray the air fryer basket in low calorie cooking spray before adding in the chicken pieces in and set to 160C

Cook for 4/5 minutes before turning over to cook for a further 4/5 minutes

Cook the chicken one layer at a time

Check chicken is piping hot through or digital probe at 75C and above

Serve up with skinny fries or sweet potato fries, a wedge of lemon and a fine bean and tomato salad.