If you’ve been paying close attention to developments in the cookware world you may have heard the term ‘Cerastone’ being bandied about and mentioned alongside the Tower brand name. If you haven’t, then let us explain and introduce you to our new, specially developed non-stick coating for our cookware that not only looks the business, but does it too!

For the uninitiated, Cerastone is an evolution of our Cerasure non-stick coating only this time round, the treatment added to no less than three new Tower cookware ranges is even better and is the first ‘true’ ceramic stone coating in the cookware sector. Take a look at the video below for a closer look at the new kid on the non-stick block and a brief exploration of how it works on our Pro Die-Cast range:

Made from four variants of stone, the Cerastone composite sits on top of the forged steel of the Tower Pro Forged Range, die-cast aluminium of the Tower Pro Die-Cast range and grill-plates of selected Tower electrical cookware products, to prevent food sticking during the cooking process. It also reduces the need for copious amounts of oil to be used – great for those looking to eat healthier – as well as making the products it’s applied to more durable and hardwearing.

The secret is in the stone used in Cerastone construction. The stone that makes up the composite (which is deployed as the final layer of the 6 that make up the Cerastone technology) is textured so that the food being cooked doesn’t ever come in full contact with the cookware surface.


This lifting of the ingredients in the pan or other Tower product with Cerastone prevents sticking meaning that users not only require little or no oil when cooking but that the cookware is easy to clean post-use. The stone-infused layer also enables even heat distribution for more efficient cooking and unlike other non-ceramic coatings found on competitors’ non-stick cookware, is less susceptible to wear and tear after prolonged use.

Whilst the primary purpose of Cerastone is to aid cooking efficiency and cleaning, the distinctive coating also looks fantastic, so much so that we’ve found ourselves gawping at the glistening surfaces of our Cerastone pans for minutes at a time without even realising that we’re doing it! They’ll look great in your kitchen and thanks to their premium build quality, will stand the test of time, allowing you to produce mouth-watering, precision-cooked meals for years to come.


We’re really rather proud of our new creation and think it’ll really make a difference in kitchens across the world. The full Cerastone range will have the wraps taken off for the first time at Spring Fair 2015 next week and will be making it to retail shelves in the summer. The products that will initially feature Cerastone are from the forthcoming ‘Tower Pro range’ but that doesn’t mean that you have to be Gino D’Acampo to use it. We call them ‘Pro’ as they’re so good that they’ll have you producing professional standard meals in no time at all!

If you can’t wait to find out more, check out our YouTube and Twitter channels between now and the full launch as we’ll be bringing you more Cerastone information as the big reveal draws closer.