How To Eat Healthily On Holiday

How To Eat Healthily On Holiday
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How To Eat Healthily On Holiday

It’s no wonder that hundreds of thousands of people go away on holiday at this time of year, especially given the unpredictable nature of the British weather between May – September. Jetting off to sunnier climes is the perfect escape from the stresses of work and everyday life in general, and a great way to let loose and relax. Just because you’re taking a holiday from your day-to-day existence doesn’t mean you have to take a holiday from eating healthily though, however tempting the fare on offer in your all-inclusive deal may be. Whilst it’s nice to indulge once in a while, don’t let your eating habits go to pot by following this handy advice… Holiday_Lunchbox

Pack your own food for the journey       

Once you’ve done with the stressful business of packing your suitcases, turn your attentions to what you’ll be taking along in terms of food for the journey. Travelling can put a strain on both your wallet and your diet but this can be easily remedied by avoiding expensive junk food en route. By packing your own healthy snacks such as fruit, cereal bars, yoghurts, low-fat crisps, homemade salads and light sandwiches, you won’t find yourself shelling out for junk food at the airport or service stations. Chowing down on processed fast-food might be convenient but it will give you an immediate sugar rush, followed by an energy slump – as well as costing you a fortune. Tower_Breakfast

Be picky at breakfast

The stereotype of Brits abroad is that of the entire family decamping from the hotel to a pub called ‘The Red Lion’ or similar and ordering a Full English. As much as we all love a good fry up, don’t become a cliché by loading up on greasy sausages and hash-browns before it’s even 9am – it’s a surefire way to gain weight and negatively affect cholesterol. Instead, make sure you have a large yet balanced breakfast that will keep you going until lunch. Make an effort to include some protein – scrambled and boiled eggs for example – to fill you up, and opt for smoked salmon and grilled bacon instead of fried. Top things off with some wholewheat toast and freshly squeezed fruit juice. Keep_It_Local

Keep it local

It’s not always easy to eat fresh, local produce back in Blighty, especially given the seasonal nature of farmers markets and the like. When you’re abroad though, the place is awash with regional delicacies and fresh, healthy food, so take advantage of it while you can. A great way to maintain a healthy diet when at your holiday destination is to eat lots of fresh, grilled fish. The sea is usually not that far away and the supply of delicious seafood is plentiful, so ensure you make oily fish such as tuna, sardines, and mackerel, a part of your food intake wherever you can. This type of seafood is rich in Omega 3, which will keep your skin hydrated and encourage digestion as well as weight loss. Get_Some_Colour

Get some colour

We’ve said it before within these pages and for good reason – eating a wide variety of different coloured fruit and veg has many health benefits. Red and yellow peppers, sweetcorn, kale, and citrus fruits are all jam-packed full of antioxidants, essential in preventing cancers, arthritis and even Alzheimer’s. Eating purple fruits, such as fresh blackberries, blueberries and black grapes will help prevent the breaking down of collagen – a protein that keeps your skin looking healthy. Team this with sun protection to block out harmful UVA rays and that holiday glow will radiate from you for longer. If you enjoy smoothies as a way of getting your five-a-day back at home you don’t have to stop when you go away – the Tower 800ml Personal Blender with Spare Cup is small enough to fit in your suitcase and will allow you to concoct healthy fruit drinks from wonderful sun-kissed produce! Boost_Booze

Boost before boozing

If you’re planning on having a drink or three when you’re away, always try and load up on at protein before heading out on the pop. When you are out on the town, avoid cocktails with creamy bases such as Pina Coladas and White Russians– they contain loads of calories that you may struggle to burn off upon your return home. It’s also a good idea to alternate alcoholic drinks with water as this will keep you from becoming dehydrated and will go towards preventing hangovers. In the event of finding yourself battling a hangover the next day, steer clear of sugary sports drinks – they won’t really quench your thirst or make you feel better – opt for coconut water because it’s less sugary and loaded with electrolytes, making it a handy hangover-cure. Follow our advice and you should avoid piling on the pounds when you’re on holiday. If you do manage to succumb to temptation though and find yourself with a bit of extra timber to shift when you get home, take a look at our Sizzling Summer Sale page. Here you’ll find all kinds of kitchen products that’ll help you get back on board the healthy eating wagon, from Cerasure Pans that need no oil to cook with, to the health eating enabling Cerastone Health Grills and smoothie-tastic Optiblend.
24 July 2015