We’ve all been there. You organise a dinner party, invite all your closest friends or perhaps even your boss and their partner, spend all day preparing a winning three courses and an additional three hours fretting about what wine you should serve alongside the meal. Whilst this scenario might sound like the plot of a tired old sitcom, we know from first-hand experience that this situation plays out in thousands of homes across the country each week. If you’re one of the many who experiences this meal accompaniment dilemma regularly, then fear not as we bring you an easy guide to pairing wine with food.


Choosing the right wine for your culinary creations can be a minefield but the advice here, whilst in no way exhaustive, will help you on your way when selecting a nice tipple to go with your lovingly prepared meal. You don’t have to be an expert to get it right but in knowing the basics, you can pick an alcoholic accompaniment that will compliment your dishes and have your guests coming back for more (wine and food). If you’ve got any wine pointers or handy tips of your own, hit us up via our Twitter and Facebook channels and we’ll do our best to share!