Food Hacks Playlist

Food Hacks Playlist
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Food Hacks Playlist

Here at Tower, we love it when we discover a new, time-saving food ‘hack’ that makes our efforts in the kitchen that little bit easier. This week, we’ve come across five awesome tips and tricks videos that are so good that we just had to share them with you in our new Food Hacks Playlist series…

No more tears, meat-saving magic & precision peeling

This short vid comes from one of our favourite YouTubers – the wonderful Rebecca at – and shows you how to avoid crying like a mum at a wedding when chopping onions, imparts some sage advice on portioning mince and defrosting meat, and presents some awesome time-saving peeling tricks.

Perfect Poached Eggs

Poached eggs can cause problems for even the most accomplished of cooks. Every man and his dog claims to have the definitive method for getting this breakfast staple spot-on – from choosing the right saucepan, to wrapping the yolks in cling film – but none of them ever seem to work. Except this one from Serious Eats

Making baking a cakewalk

As enjoyable and satisfying it is to achieve baking perfection, there’s ample opportunity for things to go wrong. Thanks to the chaps at BuzzFeed Video however, your baking endeavors will never come off the rails again. Watch these quick tips and tricks and learn how to cope with everything from accurately measuring cupcake mix to overcoming the problem of tough butter!

Chef waste-saving tricks revealed!

We’d all like to be able to cook like top chef’s but if you’re still some way off being awarded a Michelin star, watch this interesting video from Sorted Food and then at least you’ll be able to put food waste to good use just like the pros.

Give yourself a (potato) wedgie the easy way

Everyone loves crispy, delicious potato wedges but not everyone likes spending time chopping up spuds to make them. Follow this useful hack from the Disney Channel’s brilliant First Class Chefs show however and  you’ll no longer have to! These tricks have helped us out in the Tower kitchen this week and we think they’ll give you a hand too. If you know of any time or money saving food hacks, let us know in the comments or hit us up on our Twitter or Facebook channels and we’ll do our best to include them in the next edition of Food Hacks Playlist. Happy cooking!
14 August 2015
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