Eat What You Want Day: What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

Eat What You Want Day: What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?
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Eat What You Want Day: What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?

We’ve all got that one sinfully delicious meal or snack we simply cannot resist. Eat What You Want Day is just around the corner (11 May), where we celebrate the moment temptation takes over and you can relish in your guilty pleasure, without the guilt. Here are 5 guilty pleasures that are so bad they’re good. WARNING! The following list may cause intense feelings of desire that could lead to hunger, so being near a shop or having the appropriate ingredients on hand is advised.

1. Pizza

Arguably the most universally loved food, pizza is a meal that hits the spot when you’re in need of a quick meal packed with your favourite carb comforts. This classic Italian dish can be served in many different ways, with tasty toppings including pepperoni, mushrooms and the most controversial of all, pineapple. Also, quick fun fact, you can make a delicious pizza using an air fryer with a pan accessory.

2. Cake

Thanks to shows like the Great British Bake Off, we’re all obsessed with the wondrous world of desserts. We usually associate cake with Birthdays and weddings, but who says you can’t have one for a Eurovision party or to celebrate a successful supermarket trip? Classics include Victoria Sponge, chocolate fudge cake and cupcakes. On your marks. Get Set. EAT!

3. Burger

With BBQ season getting ever closer (weather permitting), the succulent beef burger is on everyone’s mind. All you need to do is get a pack of beef patties and put them on the grill, and then add cheese, lettuce and onions. If you’re feeling more adventurous, why not add bacon. Don’t worry too much because there is some green on the burger and as we all know green is a vegetable.

4. Chips

Whether it’s a trip to the seaside or a Friday night tradition, chips are one of those side dishes that's always there for us when we need it. What’s great is that by using an air fryer it’s so easy to make a batch of low fat chips, therefore you can indulge with only a mild feeling of guilt compared to others on this list.

5. Milkshake

Nothing beats a cool refreshing milkshake. There are so many exciting and delicious flavours waiting to be experimented with at home. All you need is a blender, milk, ice cream and whatever flavours you desire – cookies & cream, salted caramel, vanilla – we could go on. We hope you enjoyed this list. While we’ve got you here why not indulgence in other Tower related content and follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.
9 May 2019
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