Eat What You Want Day: All You Need To Know

Eat What You Want Day: All You Need To Know
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Eat What You Want Day: All You Need To Know

Here at Tower we’re all about the enjoyment of food and whilst we champion healthy eating, every once in a while we like to take a break from sensible eating and stuff our faces with tasty (if not entirely good for us) treats. Seems a lot of folk think that way too, so much so that there’s special national day devoted to eating exactly what you want, called National Eat What You Want Day, funnily enough. The good news is that it is today (May 11), the bad news is that you mighn’t have heard of it until now and haven’t made any plans to celebrate it. Don’t worry though, because we’re on hand to give you the complete lowdown on National Eat What You Want Day and answer some burning questions…

How did this thing come about?

Tired of the constant bombardment of images of perfectly toned celebrities and the so-called ‘body fascism’ pushed by a media obsessed with superficial beauty and diet fads, the good folks behind decided enough was enough. To help people break away from being slaves to diets and restrictive ‘healthy eating’ and as kind of a backlash to the joyless, calorie counting and carb avoiding that we’re encouraged to stick to, Florida-based voice actor Thomas Roy and his wife Ruth established the celebration of eating over a decade ago. In the years since the inaugural Eat What You Like Day, the unofficial US calendar date has crossed the pond to the UK and several food and cooking-focused businesses have taken the day to their hearts. Now, with the advent of social media, it’s no surprise to see #EatWhatYouWantDay hashtags flying around Twitter tagging all sorts of weird and wonderful bits of content. It’s all there, from people’s photos of what they’re eating to celebrate, right through to tips to help get back on track with healthy eating after the big day. EWYW_2

Will this hurt my healthy eating regime?

If you use the day to stuff your face with cakes, cookies, donuts or any of these weird and wonderful creations, then yes (for one day at least). But Eat What You Want Day is a celebration of everything that’s great and delicious about food, so we advise you to let loose for a little while and let your imagination run wild when choosing your meals. In fact, rigorously sticking to a regimented diet without any deviation isn’t all that good for you. A weekly ‘cheat day’ can be beneficial as consuming a high calorie meal at least once a week pushes your body’s metabolism into overdrive by forcing it to break down a much larger meal than it is used to. Chowing down on a hearty meal as a break from a eating regime also helps boost glycogen levels that may have been lost through dieting and exercise and gives you the energy needed to tackle a long work-out. Even leading nutritionists agree that forcing ourselves to eat only low-calorie, tasteless foods for prolonged periods is likely to cause us to suddenly gorge on everything in sight when our determination wears off, so it’s better to keep temptation at bay by having a splurge once in a while. And what better day than today to do it! EWYW_3

Ok, I’m sold. So how should I indulge?

Please remember that it’s Eat What You Want Day, not Eat What You Can. There’s no competitive element to this! Of course, we don’t recommend stuffing yourself with anything with too much of a high fat content, or enough sugar to set you on the way to type two diabetes, but a burger and fries or a couple of cream cakes won’t do any harm. We guess that how you chose to celebrate depends upon what your guilty food pleasure is – some folks might like nothing more than a trip to a fast food joint, whilst for others a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food could be their comfort food of choice. The gourmets out there might want to go and live it up in a Michelin starred restaurant and lavish themselves with the best wine and haute cusine that money can buy. Always wanted the lobster or temped by the fois gras but have always been put off by the pricetag? Today’s the day to splash out then! Maybe it’s your mother’s cooking that you long for – if that’s the case, why not call her up and get your favourite childhood recipe and have a go at making it yourself? Or perhaps chargrilled meat is your culinary delight, so why not take advantage of today’s sunshine and warm weather and indulge in a spot of alfresco dining? There’s only one rule to Eat What You Want Day and that is that there are no rules – just make sure what you’re eating makes you happy! Regardless of how you choose to honour Eat What You Like Day, we want to see your pictures of your favourite food! If you’re enjoying a slap up meal at a posh restaurant, filling your face with fast food, or even keeping it wholesome and healthy, take a snap of what’s on your plate and tweet us @TowerHousewares and we’ll share the best ones.
11 May 2015
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