Keep the little ones out of mischief with these super easy delicious recipes that will get all of the family cooking! From classic tasty pizzas to chocolate cupcakes, we will be sharing a recipe each day for the week that will keep the little ones occupied this summer!

First up in our Cooking with the Kids this Summer series are the super tasty Chocolate, Caramel and Peanut funshakes! This easy, fun recipe is sure to be a hit with the kids!


50g dark chocolate

200ml double cream

350g salted caramel ice cream

250ml milk

100g peanut butter

25g salted peanuts

25g caster sugar

Handful toffee popcorn


Kitchen tools/appliances needed:

Xtreme Pro blender

Small saucepan

Baking tray

Medium sized glass bowl


Tall glass


Ice cream scoop




  1. Melt 50g of dark chocolate into a bowl of a pan of simmering hot water, remove from heat and whisk in 100ml of double cream to make a smooth, glossy ganache and transfer to a piping bag
  2. Heat 25g of sugar into a small saucepan until it begins to caramelise, stir in the peanuts to coat in caramel and transfer to a tray to cool
  3. Place 350g of caramel ice cream into a blender, 50g of peanut butter and 250ml of milk into a blender and blend until smooth
  4. Line the inside of a glass with the chocolate ganache and pour in the milkshake
  5. Add whipped cream, a couple of scoops of ice cream, toffee popcorn and sprinkle the caramelised peanuts and fudge pieces
  6. Pop in your in straws and enjoy!

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