What You Need for an Egg-cellent Homely Easter

What You Need for an Egg-cellent Homely Easter
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What You Need for an Egg-cellent Homely Easter

Easter just isn’t Easter without a bout of baking, roasting and general culinary creativeness. There’s nothing better than getting busy in the kitchen, rustling up sweet treats, or even getting a bit crafty by making table decorations and suchlike. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration this Easter weekend then you’ve come to the right place as we’ve put together this useful guide to enjoying a homely Easter, packed full of things to make and do… Easter Roast Tips Easter Crafty Ideas Easter Baking Essentials

Easter Roast Tips

For most, the highlight of the Easter weekend is a hearty roast, lovingly prepared to be enjoyed by friends and family. Whether you’re cooking a mighty feast for all and sundry this Sunday, or keeping things simple for a select few, these tips will help you on your way to succulent savory success:

Avoid buying cuts of meat from the supermarket

Your local chain store might be convenient and offer great deals on all kinds of stuff but the meat on offer isn’t always the best. Supermarket cuts can be heavily processed and not as flavoursome as the fare on offer from your local butcher. Opt for locally sourced meat where possible – it’s likely to be better value and easier to cook.

CasseroleGet the casserole out

If you want more tender and moist meat when you’re cooking a roast dinner then it’s time to turn to heavy metal. We’re not suggesting you should crank out Metallica whilst cooking (although that might help energize you in a hot and stuffy kitchen), but use a cast-iron casserole for roasting.The conductivity and heat distribution means you’ll get a more evenly cooked joint of bird, and the tight-fitting lid traps steam for moisture. If you haven’t got one, check out our Cast-Iron Bakeware pages.  

ChopperBoozy birds

If you’re cooking chicken or turkey this Easter, then make sure that you have a bit of sherry, sloshing around before you start. Why? Because these birds love the stuff! Simply pout half a pint of sherry over, add a handful of dried fennel seeds and chopped herbs – our Dual Bladed Mini Chopper is perfect for this - then tent in foil and roast on a high heat. Cook the whole lot for 30-40 minutes and then when you remove the foil to brown the bird, the steam roasts in the sherry, leaving behind lovely, flavoursome juices for gravy!

Crafty Idea: Eastery Egg Creatures

Egg_CreaturesIf you’ve got kids of your own (or younger siblings/nephews/nieces/cousins), then Easter provides the perfect opportunity to get creative with them and indulge in a spot of hands-on, educational fun. A great way to do this is with these home-made Eastery Egg-Creatures – simple to make decorations that can be created from things you already have around the home. You’ll need    x 6 white eggs - Utility knife - Paper clips - Kitchen towel - Egg cups - Cake syringe - x 1 tspn vinegar - x 20 drops food colouring - 275ml warm water - PVA glue - Marker pen - x 4 .............................................................................................sheets of card (range of colours) - Felt .............................................................................................and stick-on googly eyes

How to make the creatures

  • Pierce each egg at both ends using a utility knife, widening one of the holes slightly more than the other (a responsible adult should do this bit).
  • Poke a straightened paper clip through wider hole; stir yolk. Place the cake syringe in the smaller hole and squeeze until the contents of the egg pour out. Repeat for each of egg and then make sure everyone washes their hands!
  • To make the dye that will colour your eggs: Cover your work surface with towels, then, in a jar or glass jug, mix the vingear, food coloring, and warm water.
  • Plonk the egg into the jar or jug until it’s fully submerged and keep it there for 5 minutes for lighter shades or 10+ minutes for darker shades. Remove and place in an egg cup.
  • Next, start cutting out the card to form ears, tails,beaks or manes for your creatures – the choice is yours! Make sure the dye is fully dry and then affix features with the glue. Let dry for at least 20 minutes.
  • Using the same method, attach legs/feet so that your creatures can stand up when removed from the egg cups. Add small details such as whiskers and eyes with a marker pen. For added pizzazz, use stick-on googly eyes and make ears from small pieces of felt.

Easter Baking Essentials

Shop-bought Easter eggs might be what the sweet-toothed in your household are chowing down on over the holiday weekend but, as with the ritual of the roast, much fun can be had in making your own Easter Treats. If you’re venturing in to the kitchen (or just staying in there if you’ve attempted the above suggestions), then make sure you’ve got the right tools for the job.


If you’re rustling up any sort of Easter cake then there’s a good chance that whisking or mixing will be required at some point – you can’t go wrong with a stand mixer but for smaller, more delicate jobs, an electric hand whisk is what you need. The Tower 1200W Die Cast Stand Mixer is great for large-scale cooking efforts but if you’re merely whipping up a meringue or mixing eggs and flour, then the Tower 300W Stainless Steel Hand Mixer is a reliable and incredibly portable appliance.


General Baking

There’s a lot of mixing to be done when rustling up flans, tarts, biscuits and sponges, so a sturdy mixing bowl is definitely something you should have in your cupboards. We recommend plumping for a Pryex bowl – they’re durable and dishwasher/microwave safe and come in a variety of sizes. You can’t do all your mixing, beating and blending by hand though, so for those occasions where you need a bit more ‘oomph’ we suggest using the Tower 2 in 1 Food Processor. It’s great for mixing dough, grinding whole grains in to flour, and chopping nuts.

Cerasafe_BlackAnd the rest…

Chocolate features heavily in Easter treat making, so it’s always helpful to have the right tools for tempering the stuff. The traditional method involves chopping dark chocolate using a food processor and then placing in a heat-proof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, stirring with a non-metal utensil. If you have a glass mixing bowl then you’re already half-way there, and you can pick up a fantastic Tower Cerasafe 6 Piece Utensil Set or Tower Cerasure Ceramic-Coated Saucepan over on our site.   Hopefully, that lot gives you all you need to enjoy a homely Easter this weekend. If you do get up to any kitchen wizardry, tweet us photos of your creations @TowerHousewares and we’ll share them with our followers!
30 March 2015
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