Boxing Clever: Our Top 5 Food Subscription Services

Boxing Clever: Our Top 5 Food Subscription Services
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Boxing Clever: Our Top 5 Food Subscription Services

If there’s one thing we love here at Tower, it’s eating! Food subscription boxes are an exciting and unique way to experience new flavours. There are a whole host of companies and memberships now available in the UK that offer this service, delivering tasty, healthy snack direct to your door. But which one do you choose? Here is a run-down of our top 5 food subscription services to help you decide. Graze_Main

Graze Box

With a tagline of ‘snacking reinvented’ the Graze Box is the perfect little companion for picking at during your working week. Boasting a wide variety of interesting and tasty snacks, there’s everything from sweet and savoury treats, to nuts and fruit with even a ‘guilt free high tea’ in-between. Acn ideal alternative to a packet of crisps or a bar of chocolate, Graze boxes offer healthier approach to snacking. Each box comes through your letter box with a selection of four snacks inside, and there are over 100 to choose from! Whether they act as one of your five a day simply provide a good source of fibre, Graze boxes are a nutritious option to keep your cravings satisfied throughout the day. Bonjour_French_Food_Main

Bonjour French Food

Bringing you the best from across the pond, each Bonjour French Food box has a handpicked selection of surprise foodie items inside every month. You can choose between a monthly subscription box or go for the ‘one shot’ option, but whichever you choose you can rest safe in the knowledge that each item has been specially curated to bring the best of French food to your kitchen. Perfect for discovering new tastes whilst reminiscing about long lost summers in France, the Bonjour French Food box is great for those who like to try something a little different and isn't widely available on the shelves of supermarkets in the UK. degustabox_1


An affordable food subscription service, Degustabox contains a variety of items which are often new to the the UK, and each month you receive 9-14 items within your surprise box. As well as snacks and drinks, Degustabox also sends you stockroom essentials including herbs and baking products. After you’ve received your box and tried the tasty things inside, you can review the items on the website to share your thoughts with with others. Degustabox is one of the best ways to experience new products ahead of them becoming available at your local supermarket. The website also hosts a blog featuring recipes and ideas that use the products you’ll find in your monthly parcel. Flavourly_Main


Flavourly subscription boxes contain a selection of fine food, snacks and even craft beer. One of the largest food and drink membership clubs in the UK,Flavourly’s flexible member options and expertly curated content make the service perfect for anyone who wants to try something a little bit different! There are two boxes to choose from; The Deluxe Box, which contains snacks and treats , or the Craft Beer Box, which delivers 8 craft beers direct to your door every month. With such an interesting selection in each package we think they’d make the ideal present (either for you someone else!). Gusto_Main


Cooking fresh and interesting meals has never been easier than with the Gousto subscription box. With a host of excellent reviews online, Gousto is the one which stands out from the crowd for ‘thinking of everything’ when it comes to cooking at home. Flexible subscriptions, fresh ingredients and delicious recipes come as standard with your membership. You can choose via the Gousto website which recipes you want to be sent in your order and you can also have a peak at past recipes too. Each box comes with handy, easy to follow, recipe cards to keep in your collection for future use too. You also don’t have to worry about digging out the kitchen scales or getting the quantities wrong, as every ingredient comes ready measured out! Do you agree with our selections? Perhaps you know of some hidden gems that aren’t on our foodie radar? If so, let us know via our Twitter or Facebook page!
13 November 2014
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