Grilliant Summer BBQ Hacks

Grilliant Summer BBQ Hacks
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Grilliant Summer BBQ Hacks

With the sun beginning to make its long awaited appearance, it can only mean one thing- grilling season is upon us! As people all over the country start delving into their sheds to dust off their trusty barbeques, and assembling their arsenal al-fresco dining will soon be on the menu once again! But before you fire up the barby, we’ve gathered together some foolproof barbeque hacks that will up your grilling game and have you rightfully claiming the title of King (or Queen) of the Grill! Gas Work

No More Gas-Work

Take the guesswork out of establishing how much propane is left in the canister with a simple glass of warm water. Slowly pour the water down the side of the gas canister. When you run your hand down the side of the canister, the empty space will feel warm, but areas with remaining gas will feel cold, giving you an easy way to see exactly how much is left! Split the Grill

Split the Grill!

For even easier cooking, split your grilling space in half by placing your lit coals underneath only half of the grill. Both sides of the grill will become hot, but you’ll have one half that’s hot enough to cook on while the other half will be the ideal temperature for keeping those freshly barbequed meats nice and warm, ready for the crowd of hungry guests.

Cupcake Tray Condiment

Feeling Saucy

Hosting a barbeque for the masses? Do away with the muddled table full of sauce bottles by decanting your condiments into a cupcake tin. This will keep all of your favourite accompaniments neatly separated as well as making it easy to carry all of your condiments in just one tray. Perfect for a mess free meal and it also means even less washing up!

Chilled Beers

Chill Out

The perfect partner to a nice juicy burger is of course a refreshingly chilled beverage, but keeping your drinks cool when the temperature is rising outside can prove to be tricky business! Place your bottles and cans into a large tub with cold water, ice and a good helping of salt. The salt reduces the freezing point of the water, chilling your drinks in minutes!

Onion Grill

Clean Easy

If you love a barbeque but hate the hours spent scraping burnt on residue from your grill afterwards, this is the perfect hack for you! Simply slice an onion in half and while your grill is still warm, use the onion (cut side down) to loosen tough grease and grime and leave your grill sparkling clean without the need for scrubbing!


Keeping Track

Struggling to keep track of whose burger is whose? Use ketchup or mustard to mark peoples initials on one side of the bun and their cooking preference on the other, that way, there’s no confusion and everyone have their burger exactly as they like it!

Chip off the Old Block

Forgotten to pick up any firelighters? There’s an easy solution and you probably have a bag sat in your kitchen cupboards! Tortilla chips are a great alternative to fire lighters, simply pile them on top of your coals, light a match and set them alight for an inferno in no time!

Fish BBQ

Something Fishy Going On

Cooking fish on the barbeque can be a messy endeavor, often falling apart and sticking to the grill, causing a bit of a nightmare when it comes to cleaning! To prevent this, simply slice up a lemon or lime and lie the slices onto a hot barbeque. Place your fish filet on top and cook as normal. Not only will this impart a fragrant citrusy flavour into your fish but it will also protect your grill for perfectly cooked fish without the mess. So those are our top grilling tips to hack your way to the perfect Summer barbeque. If you give any of these a go or have any tried and tested hacks of your own let us know on Facebook or Twitter or share your photos with us on Instagram. Also, don't forget that you can get your hands on a whole host of al-fresco dining essentials with £5 off when you spend over £30 on products across the Tower site until the end of May. Just add discount code MAY5 at the checkout!
13 May 2016
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