If you’re into cooking and homemade cuisine you’ll no doubt know that pressure cooking has enjoyed a huge resurgence these past few years. A whole new generation has been turned onto the health benefits and efficiency offered by the swift, speedy cooking method thanks in part to their adoption by TV chefs du jour and swathes of hipster-types rediscovering  food prep techniques used in times gone by.

Here at Tower, we’ve been at the vanguard of the new pressure cooker revolution, in fact, we never really went away having been leading the way in the pressure cooker game since the 1940s. Our name is synonymous with quality pressure cooking appliances and we’re really proud of our heritage, but that’s not to say we’re stuck in the past – we’re continually pushing the envelope when it comes to new and innovative kit. Our latest efforts have seen a wealth of technology infused pressure cookers hit the shelves, one of the most recent being the Tower 5 Litre Multi-Function Electric Pressure Cooker.

As you’ll have seen from the video at the top of this post, this appliance has convenience at its very heart and takes some of the fuss out of pressure cooking, making it perfect for those wanting to get on board with the whole pressure cooking phenomenon. Featuring a raft of pre-set programs for fish, meat, fruit, grains and rice, you can do it all in this one device. Want to sauté, brown, boil or roast? Not a problem as this pressure cooker is incredibly versatile and the easy to use functions mean you don’t have to be an ultra-confident cook well-versed in the ways of pressure cooking to produce professional standard meals, quickly and easily.

We reckon that this pressure cooker is the one to plump for if you’ve got a medium to large family to feed and want to keep some variety in the meals you produce (without having to religiously study recipe books for inspiration!). Digital pressure cookers and multi-cookers are also viable options but it’s best to consider what you’re most likely to use an appliance for ahead of making a buying decision. If you’re not sure what the difference between digital and traditional pressure cookers is then check out our Digital vs Traditional Pressure Cookers feature and stay tuned to the Tower blog as we’ll be bringing you a Multi-Cooker buying guide in the not too distant future.