A Matter Of Taste: Getting To Grips with the Tower 2 in 1 Vacuum Food Saver & Rapid Marinator

A Matter Of Taste: Getting To Grips with the Tower 2  in 1 Vacuum Food Saver & Rapid Marinator
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A Matter Of Taste: Getting To Grips with the Tower 2 in 1 Vacuum Food Saver & Rapid Marinator

Here at Tower HQ we rarely stop for breath such is the continual stream of innovative housewares products that keep rolling through the doors. Our design team have been busy bees of late and not content with giving us the Tower 2 in 1 Food Processor, Tower Gluten Free Digital Bread Maker, and Tower Airwave Low Fat Air Fryer, have only gone and magicked up a fantastic food storage and marinating solution… The Tower Pro 2 in 1 Vacuum Food Saver & Rapid Marinator has arrived on the scene and is ready to help you store lovingly prepared meals, excess portions, and ingredients, in the most fuss-free, time-saving manner imaginable. Not only that though, these useful little kitchen-top accessories can supercharge flavouring and marinating efforts thanks to a neat bit of built-in functionality.

Two functions for the price of one

Food storage containers are nothing new but food storage containers that offer vacuum aided marinating are at the cutting edge of kitchen-top accessories. Featuring an easy to operate manual vacuum pump, these Tower food storage jars do much more than safely store your perishables. Just a few quick presses and the air in the container is gone meaning that freshness is locked in and the negative pressure environment created means that seasonings and marinades added to meat in the vacuum will infuse in far less time than other conventional marinating methods. No longer will you have to marinade over-night and the hard-wearing and easy to clean polycarbonate construction means that you won’t have to transfer marinated meat from glass or ceramic dishes to sealable food bags when refrigerating. Once you’re marinating time has elapsed, just release the valve and away you go! The range is easy to store too, thanks to their unique shape. Each container stacks neatly in cupboards and fridges, and thanks to their unique construction, are freezer and dishwasher safe.

The science behind marinating

Marinating has been around for centuries but did you know that the process does more than merely add flavour to meats? Yep, marinating acts both as a flavour enhancer and tenderizer, making tough cuts of meat tastier and easier to prepare. The theory goes that although the cooking process turns connective tissue in meat to gelatin, it can often need a little helping hand to make it tender enough to eat. Marinades can either be acidic (made with ingredients such as vinegar and lemon juice), or enzymatic (made with ingredients such as pineapple or kiwi fruit) and each of these can break down muscle and connective tissue depending on the type of meat. Whilst marinating will, to some extent, tenderise meats, the enzymes and acids can also affect the meat’s ability to retain juices – often resulting in drier cuts once cooked. For this reason, it’s advisable not to leave marinades for long periods. It’s a common misconception that longer equals better – the opposite is in fact true as over-marinating leaves you with a spongy/mushy exterior with the centre of the cut largely untouched by the marinade. Unless they have a large salt content – in which case they’re more of a brine – marinades won’t penetrate the meat right through to the centre. Even so, they will tenderise the meat but the main upshot of the process is to add flavour. The trick is to gauge how long and with what type of solution to marinade your cut of meat with to achieve maximum flavour and sufficient tenderising – this will be informed by the thickness of the cut, type of meat and preferred cooking method. Your butcher will be able to provide advice and here are plenty of online resources to help with this too. Regardless of the timing and type of marinade used, Tower’s 2 in 1 Vacuum Food Saver & Rapid Marinator takes the hassle out of the process - check out the info-card below to learn of the advantages this neat little product has over traditional marinating methods: Tower_Marinating_Info_Card If you want to find out more about the Tower Pro range, keep a close eye on our Twitter and Facebook channels as we'll be bringing you more useful product knowledge, information and even some giveaways in the build-up to launch.
9 February 2015
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