Valentine’s Day is just around about the corner and many of you will be thinking about planning a romantic meal with your partner. Whilst it might be nice to visit a lovely restaurant for a romantic candlelit meal, a large number of lovers are shunning the ‘traditional’ Valentine’s gastronomic experience and taking to the kitchen themselves to create a special treat for their partners.

Whether this is an upshot of these tough economic times or down to people seeking a more personalised experience isn’t clear but if one thing’s for sure, it’s that Cupid’s arrow has landed firmly in the kitchen of late.



If you’re one of those gearing up for a home-cooked Valentine’s meal then take a look at the Tower Valentine’s Recipe Book – a handy guide to delicious culinary creations you can make for your loved one come 14 February, created in conjunction with some of our favourite foodie bloggers.

There’s all manner of stuff in there, from luscious lasagne to cute cakes, and each bespoke recipe is incredibly easy to follow. Contributions have come in from all over the blogosphere with top-notch foodie and lifestyle bloggers including the likes of prettygreentea, myrecipebook, and patisseriemakesperfect , all chipping in. A couple of our favourites can be seen below;


That’s our favourite starter and next is our favourite dessert – we’ll leave you to guess what we opted to have for mains!


If you’ve downloaded and had a look through the book and would like to try out some of the recipes, don’t forget that we’ve great deals on some of the appliances and kitchenwares required to make them. Our Cerasure non-stick pans are perfect for the Egg-Free Exotic Mango & Cardamom Pancakes whilst the Tower 1.5 Lire Soup Maker will have you rustling up the Pea & Ham Soup quicker than you can say those three little words (we don’t mean ‘Pea’, ‘Ham’ and ‘Soup’ by the way).